Some updates for the past week Last week…

Some updates for the past week:

Last week, Jim Mar and I met on Wednesday.

Last Thursday I researched form ideas and form creation.

Monday I continued to research forms and watched some videos.

Today Jim, Mar and I had our weekly meeting. I also worked on creating a few forms in Sandbox 2. I used this article as a reference:

Useful things I discovered:
1. Time limits can be set on forms, so it could be similar to online homework in the sense that it cannot be accessed after a certain date and time.
Location: [Form settings>Restrictions>Schedule form]

2. It can be either enabled or disabled that a user must be logged in in order to access a form (if a user is not logged in, then each post will be published under a default option – probably not a good idea).
Location: [Form Settings>Restrictions]

3.There is an option for completed forms to be under review, so an administrator (professor) could review the posts before they are published, or an option for completed forms to automatically be publicly published. I’m sure this could turn into an issue if a professor doesn’t actively check a site, though.

4. Fields can be marked as required, so a user cannot publish a post without filling out certain fields, such as a title or category.
Location: [Field>Required]

5. In the general field category, there is an option for only certain categories to be presented to those filling out the form. This way a professor could reuse a form each semester, but limit the visible categories to their current classes sections to minimize confusion.
Note: Parent categories do not work as actual categories with the forms. A parent form, such as “ENGL121-Fall2017” should not be selected as a visible category. Only the class categories with CRN numbers for Fall 2017 should be selected in this situation.
Location: [Category Field>General>Category]

A few additional notes:
If a post with a form is made, should it be made a sticky post so it’s the first thing students see when they visit the website?
Should a teacher have one website and a navigation bar with links to each specific class?
Should there be a navigation bar with an option for each specific class and assignments?
Uploading a photo doesn’t seem very useful, as it didn’t even show up in my test posts. Additionally, formatting a paragraph or indentations doesn’t seem like an option, so text will be a wall of text unless I can figure out a different way.

Tomorrow and Friday I plan on looking into the Gravity Forms plugins mentioned that haven’t been activated yet, as well as doing more research and completing more forms.